Your Habits as a University Student goes a long way to determine your Habitat (life and career). Don’t feel attacked by the Title; read with an open mind and improve where possible.

Joshua Abuwa, author of the book “I Choose To Be Great”  made a statement, “In life, you don’t decide your future, you decide your habits and your habits decide your future“.

Habits Every University Student Should Stop

The lion doesn’t eat grass; not because he is proud. Goats eat grass; not because they’re humble. It is how things are meant to be. As a University Student, there should be a major upgrade in your Character. The Following are 12 bad Habits of Nigerian University Students and what you should do about them:

1. Trying To Be Perfect

You’re no longer in secondary school, so, face realities. There is no such thing as a perfect person. It only happens in Nollywood. This is “reallifehood”. Stop being “Mr always right” or “Mrs know it All”.

Forgive yourself when you make mistakes and learn from them. Nothing weighs you down like trying to please everybody. In fact, the best way to fail in life is pleasing everyone or trying to make everybody love you in school.

Don’t deprive yourself of the good things school life has to offer because you feel people will say you aren’t mature. Enjoy your life to the fullest. School isn’t all about academics and seriousness; create some time to do things that make you happy. Have Fun!

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2. Procrastination

Stop procrastinating; you don’t have time. Many UnIversity students keep postponing dreams. When you were in primary school, you said you would do it in Secondary school. But you failed!

Now that you are at the University, start doing those things you have always dreamt of. This is time to start getting things done. Do not wait for another time or another person. Make valuable use of your time because; Life is not a game. There is no extra time for you. Therefore, use your limited time to get the extra result.

Distractions in school have made many students shake hands with procrastination. Avoid distractions whether from society or from the opposite sex.

3. Not Learning Skills

Many students spend all their years in school reading only school books. Reading is not bad, but there is something you need to make it better. Learn as many skills as possible while in school. Learn to live outside Theories.

There is a high chance it is your skill that would sustain you in school and even after school. Do not expect anything if you are not doing anything. Don’t be idle in school. Look for what produces the best result for you and stick to it. As a matter of fact, do something new.

4. Not Having Side Hustle

The biggest mistake many Nigerian university students make is not having Plan B. A lot of students believe everything will be perfect immediately they leave school. Life after school is not always rosy. Most times, it will humble you.

Have a side hustle, have different plans and strategies because one will likely fail. Make your bed the way you will comfortably lie on it. Stop imagining the good life, start now so that your life will be good in reality.

5. Reading to Impress Others

Many students fail to realise what works for them when it comes to reading. Some People study to impress others. This is a very bad thing. You should read when you are emotionally and mentally okay. Understand the best reading time for you and the environment where you understand better.

Don’t go for night classes daily because others are doing it. Make sure it works for you. It is no about how long you read, it is a matter of whether the book is actually entering your head. Many students have lost it because they choose to copy the reading plan of others. Don’t copy others.

6. Always Making Excuses

Most Nigerian students give excuses for everything. They look for the slightest excuse for not doing what they should do. If you really wanted to do it, you would get it done. Nobody will accept any excuse for your failure. Stop unnecessary excuses and start taking necessary actions.

7. Entitlement And Blaming Others

Most Nigerian students feel everyone owes them. The earlier you realise that nobody owes you anything, the better for you. Learn to appreciate people and stop feeling that you deserve more and everything from and than every other person.

It is easy to say “the Lecturer failed me”, “my roommate was the reason I did not do the assignment”, “the government doesn’t care about me and it is my problem”. Many students can blame 50 people without even blaming themselves. Always tell yourself the truth and find out where you missed it.

You are a University student; no longer in secondary school. You should start taking full responsibilities for your life. Stop blaming others for your failure.

8. Not Taking Decision

A closed mouth is a closed destiny, just as a made-up mind is a come up destiny. Start taking your own decisions. Don’t let others decide for you. You may be right or wrong but just stand for something.

Nothing is as annoying as meeting an adult who is so indecisive. If you don’t have something you stand for, you will definitely fall for everything.

Never give up on your right to be wrong. Nobody is perfect; it is normal to make mistakes. So accept your mistakes and work towards becoming a better person.

9. Short Cut

Most Nigerian Students want to get everything quickly, they want to make money quickly, they want to pass the examination cheaply, they want to be the best quickly, they want to win elections quickly, they want to leave the class quickly, etc.

The urge for shortcut has eaten deep into the Nigerian youth and education system that no one wants to follow procedure anymore.

There is no glory without a story and no product without process. Follow due process so that everything you achieve will last long for you and you can be proud of it anywhere. Patience is a virtue, learn to be patient.

10. Nothing Thinking Ahead

University life is temporary; life after school is permanent. While pursuing your dreaming and aiming to graduate with first-class, have realistic expectations about your future. Ask yourself questions like:

  • What if I don’t get a job after graduation?
  • What should I be doing immediately I graduate?
  • How do I make my dreams come true?
  • How do I get the life I wanted?

Do not run away from challenges that you can fixed. Face your fear. Obstacles are normal to destinies. Your go-through shall eventually lead you to the right destination in life.

11. Not Saving Money

One of the biggest mistakes University students make is spending every money that comes in. Bad saving habits have gotten more exposure as the desire to empress others in school is the order of the day.

Money comes from everywhere when you gain admission. The higher you go, you will notice that money no longer come like before. It will get to a point where it would seem your parents and everyone has abandoned you. You need savings to fall back to in times of trouble.

A lot of students buy things too much. It is time to learn how to cook. By cooking, you have a lot of money and as well acquire skills that you will find helpful after school. No matter how busy you are, find time to learn how to cook. Whether you are a boy or a big girl, improve your cooking skill.

12. Lack of Confidence

If you do not believe in yourself, nobody will believe you. Believe in yourself and boost your confidence. Lack of Confidence is the challenge of many University students. As a matter of fact, many of them cannot address a group of 10 persons. The earlier you boost your confidence, the better it will be for you.

Don’t let the opinion of others become your reality. To be after what they are saying is to become what they are saying. Have your own opinion.

Hope you found this helpful? Feel free to share with others and don’t fail to drop your comment.

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