FeedSpot Ranks Blogs based on Category. The Latest Ranking shows that Myschoolgist.com, Dailypost.ng, Campusportalng.com, Myschool.ng and Flashlearners.com are the top 5 Education Websites in Nigeria.

Our very own Flashlearners is Ranked 5th in Nigeria and 15th in the 100 Student Blogs on the Web by FeedSpot. Continue reading for the top 20 Nigerian Blogs for Students.

Top 20 Students Blog in Nigeria

  1. Myschoolgist.com
  2. Dailypost.ng
  3. Campusportalng.com
  4. Myschool.ng and
  5. Flashlearners.com
  6. Nigeriaschool.com.ng
  7. Nigerianscholars.com
  8. MyPastquestion.com
  9. Currentschoolnews.com
  10. Dailyschoolnews.com.ng
  11. Lagschools.ng
  12. Schoolings.org
  13. yabacampus.com
  14. Lasuinfo.com
  15. naijaeduinfo.com
  16. e-pinmall.com/blog
  17. careersngr.com
  18. Edugist.org
  19. Bscholarly.com
  20. Flashacademy.com.ng

1. Myschoolgist.com

Myschoolgist.com is focused on Nigerian Education News. If you have been using Google for Educational research, then you are likely to know this popular blog. Myschoolgist.com has been recognized as one of those websites with trustworthy School News.

2. DailyPost.ng

Daily Post is a premium leading newspaper that is developed and written exclusively for Nigerians. It is packed with up-to-the-minute local and national Education News (dailypost.ng/education).

3. Camportalng.com

Camportalng.com is a Nigerian Education website, aimed at bringing to the notice of everyone in Nigeria, the latest happening from all the Universities in Nigeria. Camportalng.com is one of the most fascinating and authentic education websites in Nigeria. It is really a place for students to visit.

3. Myschool.ng

You cannot possibly talk about authentic Education websites in Nigeria without mentioning Myschool.com.ng. It is one of the oldest and most pronounced education websites in Nigeria. The website is specialized in disseminating all school news, scholarship news, examination news and many more in Nigeria.

5. Flashlearners.com

Flashlearners.com is another stupendous work by Isaac Inegbenehi (owner and author). It is one of the most prominent and most reputable Education websites in Nigeria. Flashlearners.com has successfully won the heart of thousands of students and even graduates through its comprehensive articles. Students love Flashlearners…

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