You want to study abroad, but not sure where to start? What the process is? Don’t worry I’ll take you through step by step phases from start to end on how the process to study abroad would look like!

1st phase- Research: This is the first phase, for this phase many people choose to go online and I believe that’s why you are here! But I would recommend you to get in touch a student consultant agency as this would be free and the best option for the 3 steps that you need to cover in this phase:

  • 1.1 Qualifications- This is basically making sure you are qualified to study abroad, for example confirming your as educational qualification.

  • 1.2 Destination Choice – If you are not sure about where to study or what to study, this is where getting in touch with a consultant agency will be beneficial.

  • 1.3 Requirement- Now from the previous two steps that you know you are qualified and made your choice of destination, it is time to check for requirements, means what is the requirement to in order for you to get to next phase.

2nd Phase- Finance: This is the hard one for many of us, Studying abroad is expensive and it is important that the financial aspect is sorted before we move onto next phases! What are your options?

3rd Phase- Application: You apply to a university and soon you would most likely get a conditional offer, what you need to do is to make sure is to meet the conditions, once you done it, you will get an unconditional offer letter and once you accept that you will get your CAS, and then you you move into the next phase.

4th phase-Apply for visa: You will have all the documents ready, you have met all the requirements now you have to attend a visa interview, probably a face to face – just to get an idea if you’re a genuine student coming in. Wait for the result and once it is approved, we move to next phase

5th Phase- pack your bags: Time to make sure, everything is in order, all the documents, your travel arrangements, stay, contacts, extra cash. Now you are ready to say bye to your family and friends and ready to go out to the world and enjoy the experience. Good Luck and be safe.!

Bonus tip- get in touch with agency at-least 5 months before, for the best exposure to informations and to make better choices!

You Can checkout this video where I talk about each phases in depth! I hope this will help ⬇

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