2020 BECE ENGLISH: What are the areas BECE will set English Language Questions and how do I get Junior Waec English Language 2020 Objective and Essay Questions answered correctly in the exam hall? JSS3 Exam 2020 Questions and how you can answer them correctly to score an A is the topic we shall discuss today.

English BECE Questions is general for every Junior Waec 2020 Candidate. Continue reading for Topics/Questions BECE will set in 2020 English or quickly click here to go through Junior Waec 2020 syllabus and hot Topics.

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BECE 2020 English Questions And Answers (Updated)

Junior Waec (BECE) Comprehension Passage 1

Read the passages below and answer the questions that follow by choosing the most appropriate of the options lettered A-E Passage 1

The youthful age is the most exciting, active and dynamic period of one’s life. This stage of life is characterised by physical strength, dreams of a great future, quest for adventure and acquisition of knowledge and experience. At this stage, one can achieve the best in life. Youths are full of hopes and dreams. They want to try new things, discover and create things. In a way, these are advantageous to them because this penchant to discover, create and try new things can be channelled towards productivity. Besides, some great innovations in the world today were pioneered by young people who were curious, passionate and adventurous; young men and women who dared to dream.

If the youths are well guided and mentored, they will discover their God-given potentials, and channel those potentials towards problem-solving. They will not only be useful to themselves and their families, they will also be making substantial inputs to national development.

History is replete with youths who have contributed immensely to the progress of their countries. 16-year-old Olivia Hallisey discovered a way to detect Ebola in less than 30 minutes compared to the current method that takes up to 12 hours to get results. Four Nigerian high school students, all under age 15, devised a “urine-powered” generator that can supply 6 hours of uninterrupted electricity with one litre of processed urine. These ingenious minds are just a few of the countless number of youths in our generation. Youths should constantly be reminded of their uniqueness and encouraged to be at their best before this stage of their lives passes by.

BECE Comprehension Passage 1 Questions

1. Which of these statements is not true according to the passage?

А. All youths are curious and adventurous.

B. Olivia discovered the fastest way of detecting Ebola.

C. Some great innovations in the world today were made by


D. Youths contribute to national development

E. Youths with ingenious minds are few in number (Correct).


2. According to the passage, the ingenuity in youths has led to

A. economic recovery in many nations.

B. great inventions in the world.

C. industrialisation.

D. job creation. social vices.

E. Social Vices


3. To discover their potentials, youths need to be

A. guided.

B. honoured.

C. motivated.

D. rewarded.

E. sponsored.


4. The word that can replace “devised” as used in the passage is

A. configured.

B. designed.

C. forged.

D. invented.

E. produced


5. The aim of the writer in this passage is to

A. appraise.

B. argue.

C. criticise.

D. entertain.

E. inform.

Junior Waec (BECE) Comprehension Passage 2

Read the passages below and answer the questions that follow by choosing the most appropriate of the options lettered A-E Passage 1

Okonkwo had just blown out the palm oil lamp and stretched himself on his bamboo bed when he heard the ogene of the town-crier piercing the still night air. Gome, gome, gome, gomes boomed the hollow metal. Then the crier gave his message and at the end of it beat a instrument again. And this was the message. Every man of Umuofia was asked to gather at the marketplace tomorrow morning. Okonkwo wondered what was amiss. He had discerned a clear overture of tragedy in the crier’s voice, and even now he could still hear it as it grew dimmer and dimmer in the distance.

In the morning, the marketplace was full. There must have been about ten thousand men there, all talking in low voices. At last, Ogbuefi Ezeugo stood up in the midst of them and bellowed four times. “Umuofia kwenu”, and on each occasion he faced a different direction and seemed to push the air with a clenched fist.. He moved his hand over his white beard. He then adjusted his cloth, which was passed under his right armpit and tied above his left shoulder.

“Umuofia kwenu”, he bellowed a fifth time, and the crowd yelled in answer. And suddenly, like one possessed, he shot out his left hand and pointed in the direction of Mbaino, and said through gleaming white teeth firmly clenched: “Those sons of wild animals have dared to murder a daughter of Umuofia.” He threw his head down and gnashed his teeth, and allowed a murmur of suppressed anger to sweep the crowd. When he began again, the anger on his face was gone and in its place a sort of smile hovered, more terrible and more sinister than the anger. And in a clear unemotional voice, he told Umuofia how their daughter had gone to the market at Mbaino and had been killed. That woman, said Ezeugo, was the wife of Ogbuefi Udo, and he pointed to a man who sat near him with a bowed head. The crowd then shouted with anger and thirst for blood

Adapted from Things Fall Apart.

BECE Comprehension Passage 2 Questions

6. According to the passage, “ogene” was used to

A. assemble people.

B. draw attention to a message about to be passed.

C. echo the voice of the town-crier.

D. lure people to sleep.

E. produce music.


7. The expression, the “… gome, gome” in passage is an example of

A. irony.

B. metaphor.

C. onomatopoeia.

D. personification.

E. simile.


8. Every man of Umuofia was to gather at the marketplace so that they would

A. attend a community meeting,

B. be informed of how their daughter was murdered.

C. chant a war slogan.

D. listen to Ezeugo, the village orator.

E. sympathise with Ogbuefi Udo.


9. The people referred to as “the sons of wild animals” in the passage are the

A. members of Okonkwo’s family.

B. people in the market.

C. people of Mbaino.

D. people of Umuofia.

E. town-crier’s family.


10. The expression, “The crowd … thirst for blood” means that they were

A. Afraid
B. deceived by the town-crier
C. ready for revenge
D. thirsty for blood
E. vampires

Junior Waec (BECE) 2019 Comprehension Passage

Read the passages below and answer the questions that follow by choosing the most appropriate of the options lettered A-E Passage 1

Father came back after about an hour and told us to go and see mother in hospital the next day; her operation had been successful. The next day we could hardly contain ourselves until the evening when we could go to the hospital. We kept asking Okhen if it wasn’t time to go yet, and she kept saying, “Very soon.” When we did go, we found mother in a private room.

I had never been inside a hospital before and I was overawed by the spick-and-span cleanliness of the room. Our house in the mission compound was always well-kept, but at the same time it looked lived-in: a toy on a chair, a book on a stool, a sewing basket on the floor, that sort of thing. But the room in which mother was lying was sparsely furnished. The bed was made of iron and painted white. Beside the bed was a wooden locker painted white also. On the other side was an upright chair. That was all, except for the mosquito net over the bed. Mother must be missing us as much as we miss her, for she drew our heads onto her chest and gave us each a hug before stretching her arms for the baby.

Father puller up the upright chair to face mother and sat down. They began ro talk, and my brother and I went to the window to look at the scene outside. There were many people coming in through the hospital gate because it was visiting time. We spent the time watching them. After some time, a middle-aged nurse came in to take mother’s temperature. I liked her uniform very much and I asked mother, “can I have a dress like that when we get back?” She smiled and told me it was a uniform and you had to be a nurse to wear it.

Junior Waec 2019 Comprehension Past Questions

1. Why were the children eager to go to the hospital?
(A) The hospital was neater than their house
(B) The hospital was well furnished
B. Their mother had a successful operation
(D) They had not been to the hospital before
(E) They wanted to see their mother


2. According to the writer, one thing the hospital room had in common with their house was

(A) its size
(B) its tidiness
C. the colour of the bed
(D) the number of furniture
(E) the number of occupants


3. The children were ___ while their parents were discussing.

A) admiring the nurse
(B) moving round the hospital
(C) playing games
(D) playing with the baby
(E) watching the scenery


4. What proof is there in the passage to show that the mother missed the children? She
A. hugged them
(B) Promised to sew the nurse’s uniform for them
(C) sat up when they arrived
(D) smiled at them
(E) talked with them


5. Which of these statements is true according to the passage?

(A) The author had not been to a hospital before
B) the family lived in a dirty house
C. The mother was delivered a baby through operation
D) The nurse was very young
E. There were few people at the hospital.

BECE English Objective Test Questions

As usual, you will be given questions and options A to E to choose from. Normally, the number of objective questions you are to answer in June BECE 2020 English Language is 60 questions.


Question: My uncle in the village.

A. drains
B. draws
C. extracts
D. saps
E. taps


Question: I the fried potatoes with eggs and vegetables.

A. adorned
В. beautified
C. coated
D. decorated
E. garnished


Question: The fisherman caught a big fish and dropped it at the __ of the river

A. Bank
B. base
C. edge
D. shore
E. side


Question: I will pay my children’s school fees when I the cheque.

A. bank
B. cash
C. deposit
D. transfer
E. withdraw


Question: The __ used for the enlarged picture is expensive

A. baton
B. frame
C. glass
D. plank
E. screen


Question: A beautiful bird on my car.

A. hung
B. leaned
C. perched
D. rested
E. sat


Question: The ___ of thanks was given by the groom at the end of the reception.

A. expression
B. note
C. remark
D. vote
E. word


Question: Telma is in dire need of a kidney ___

A. replacement
B. transfer.
C. transfusion.
D. transmission
E. transplant


Question: The driver’s ___ his seat belt when he sighted an officer of the Road Safety Corps

A. fastened
B. fixed
C. griped
D. hooked
E. put


The doctor used a ___ to check my body temperature.

A. barometer
B. microscope
C. scanner
D. stethoscope
E. thermometer

Question: The outgoing prefect gave ___ speech during the send-off party.

A. a farewell
B. a goodbye
C. a welcome
D. an acceptance
E. an inaugural

During the ___ marriage ceremony, the couple took an oath before the judge.

A. Christian
B. court
C. Islamic
D. mixed
E. traditional


I had left the ___ of the accident before the police arrived.

A. area
B. arena
C. place
D. scene
E. site

24. The premature triplets are doing well in the

A. carrier
B. incubator
C. oven
D. pram
E. warmer

25. We waited in the ___ for only few minutes before boarding the plane.

A. Hanger
B. Lounge
C. reception
D. runway
E. tower


Grammatical Accuracy

I have ___ to the doctor, he will attend to us soon.

A. speak
B. speaking
C. speaks
D. spoke
E. spoken

The principal scolded the students

A. angrily.
B. cruelly.
C. strongly
D. thoroughly.
E. wickedly.

The woman who ___ asked to clean the hall came late.

A. are
B. is
C. is being
D. was
E. were

Dr. Uchechi specialises ____ children’s ailments.

A. for
B. in
C. of
D. on
E. with

Active Voice: The employee sued the company
Passive Voice: The company ___ sued by the employee.

A. has been
B. have been
C. is
D. is being
E. was


Question: My uncle works in the hospital as a

A. suregeon
B. surgeon
C. sugeon
D. suregion
E. surgion


Adaugo travelled to Lagos ___ air

A. by
B. in
C. on
D. through
E. with


Mr ___ car was parked at the mall.

A. Jones
B. Joneses
C. Jones’
D. Jones’
E. Jone’s


Ayo’s performance in the examination was ____ than mine.

A. best
B. better
C. good
D. more better
E. most better

Which of the following prefixes can be used with the word ‘frost’ to form a new word?
A. de-
B. dis-
C. il-
D. Mis-
E. re-

Which of the following words can be used with the suffix ‘-ster’ to form a new word?
A. Gang
B. King
C. Monk
d. Teenage
E. Youth

My brother and I ____ attending the party.
A. am
B. are
C. was
D. Were
E. is


A. Words And Opposite (antonyms): E.g Halima likes to dwell on trivial, rather than ___ matters.

A. Strong
B. Popular
C. Weighty
D. Heavy

The answer is simply C. The opposite of trivial is weighty. You need to practice as many synonyms and antonyms as possible.

The good news is that you don’t need to know all the synonyms and antonyms in the dictionary, you can use common sense to answer questions well.

B. Nearest in Meaning (synonyms): In this part, you will be asked questions and to look for words or group of words nearest in meaning.

E.g: Everyone has the urge to succeed in life. Find the word nearest in meaning to the underlined word.

A. Compulsion
B. Desire
C. Need
D. Courage

Of course, the answer is desire. Simple right?

C. Complete Sentence: You will be given a sentence and asked to choose the word that best completes each of the following sentences.

E.g: We can ___ signal from one point to another.

A. Transmit
B. Transmission
C. Transmission Transmission
D. I mean transmission

D. Fill In The Gap BECE Questions: You shall be given questions with gaps and asked to find sentences that best complete the gap. Here, you are not filling the gap with a simple word but a phrase or clause.

E.g: If Isaac had woken up earlier, he ___ breakfast.

A. Would not have missed
B. Ought not to miss
C. Shall have missed
D. May have missed

In a simple sentence, Isaac woke up late and he missed the breakfast. The correct answer is A.

E. Lexis structure and interpretations: You must also get questions from lexis and structure and interpretation. The good news is that if you understand A to D Objective questions for Junior waec above, you shall be good to go.

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JSS3 Exam Oral English Past Questions

Under Junior Waec 2020 Oral English session, you will be tested on Vowel sounds, Consonants sounds, rhymes, sound and stress pattern. Examples of questions that come out in BECE oral English are:

A.  Same vowel Sound: E.g, Coin
A. toy
B. rod
C. lord
D. ride

B. Same consonant Sound: E.g, vice
A. cat
B. dress
C. show
D. chalk

C. Emphatic stress: E.g, AYO asked Mary to come today.
A. Did Chike ask Mary to come today?
B. Did Ayo order Mary to come today?
C. Did Ayo ask Dad to come today?
D. Did Ayo ask Mary to come tomorrow?

BECE Theory Questions And How To Answer

I have already treated how to answer BECE English comprehension passages. You should click here now to read how to answer comprehension passage very fast plus examples of passages that Junior Waec would set for 2020 BECE English language.

  • Speech, Essay, Article and Letter Writing Are accessed here

Junior Waec (BECE) Hot English Topics

1. English Comprehension Questions And Answers: https://youtu.be/_2iQwJQy9kU
2. Vocabulary Development
3. Grammatical Accuracy
4. Completing sentences with accurate words
5. Question Tags and Register
6. Lexis and Structure
7. Direct And Indirect Speech
8. Oral English (Phonetics)
9. Drama
10. Prose
11. Poetry
12. Speech, Essay, Article and Letter Writing

BECE 2020 Examination Instructions

  1. Do not open your question paper until you are told to do so
  2. USE HB pencil throughout in the OBJ Section
  3. You are free to use Biro in the theory part
  4. Make sure that you fill your details are properly filled.
  5. Ensure that the texts in your question papers are boldly printed
  6. Behave yourself.
  7. Don’t let invigilators catch you using expo

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