The Delhi Police busted an online cyber phishing gang from Jamtara in Jharkhand. The gang used to phish off all the amount from people’s accounts after obtaining the registered phone number and bank details. The gang obtained the phone number and other details by registering a fake toll-free customer care number of banks or payment wallets on google phone listings. 

According to the Delhi Police, this gang of six from Jamtara has duped many from across India before being caught. These days, people generally rely on Google phone listings to get their bank customer care toll free numbers. 

The Jamtara phishing model tracked this necessity of people and started listing fake toll-free numbers over Google. The Delhi Police told Zee News that this is a fairly new and unique technique of  duping innocent people. 

This gang has made a dent in the accounts of people across India and took away their hard-earned money. Jamtara phishing gang members put a toll-free number on Google under any bank listing. Say, this number is 1800 2087507. These numbers never get connected to any bank customer care. 

On receiving a call on this fake customer care number, the Jamtara phishing gang gets the victim’s number. The gang then starts its phishing operation. They send a link via SMS to the victim’s phone. This message includes an internet link. 

Innocently people click on the link, thinking it has come from the bank for customer help. As they click on this, all account details are fetched by the Jamtara phishing gang to their server. After getting the account details, the gang phishes off all the amount in the bank account within minutes. 

The police have arrested Nasim Ansari, Iqbal Ansari, Ranjit Dey, Prakash Mandal, Jamruddin, and Mohammad Dawood for duping many in the same way under cybercrime and IPC charges. 

The Delhi Police have also recovered 25 ATM cards and Rs 1,78,500 cash and several bank cheque leaf books.  The police were investigating after a complaint was filed by a victim from Begumpur. He had called a similar Axis Bank toll free customer care number, that he got from Google listings. After making calls to this number, the victim’s bank account was phished off. 

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