The work of Ram temple construction in Ayodhya has gathered pace after its master was approved by Ayodhya Development Authority a few days ago. A heavy machine Casagrande has been ordered for this work. Through this machine, concrete will be filled in the pillars in the foundation of the Ram temple. The Foundation of these 100 meters high pillars needs to be extremely strong. This machine, which is going to be used for this heavy work, is also unique and quite powerful in itself, in which there are 88 wheels. Let’s know about what is the machine and how it works.

The work of Ram temple construction in Ayodhya is expected to pick up speed with the end of the Pitra Paksha on September 17. Pitra Paksha is considered inauspicious according to Hindu mythology. For this, all the equipment and materials are being collected right now. 

In this sequence, a giant machine arrived in Ayodhya last Saturday, which is being discussed a lot. This machine named Casagrande will work to make the Ram temple pillars. According to the design of the temple, about 1200 pillars are to be installed in its foundation. 

These pillars will be filled with concrete and no use of iron will be done. It will be the basic foundation of the temple itself. The Foundation of any building is the most important structure to ensure its stability. To fulfill this objective, the Casagrande machine was brought here.

Ram Janmabhoomi Tirtha area general secretary Champat Rai gave his go-ahead to bring the machine from Jaipur to Ayodhya via Kanpur. Casagrande is considered the best in business when it comes to building foundation construction. 

One operator sitting inside the Casagrande cabin cab monitor its movement of the digital display system. The operator can accordingly switch it off or on depending upon the requirement. 

The machine works on Smart Power Management (SPM), which increases its power manifold. In such a situation, if the soil is very hard or mixed with rocks or if the pillar is high, then it works better than any other machine. Apart from this, if the machine is stationary then its engine takes its RPM to a minimum level within a few seconds. It saves a lot of fuel.

By the way, the machine has many other advantages in terms of fuel. As such it works on a hydraulic system, which saves about 25% fuel from its use. The user can also customize it according to their usage. That is, the features which seem unnecessary can be removed.

Casagrande has another specialty. It takes care of its regular maintenance. It has such a system that if it ever needs repair or maintenance, it automatically starts alerting it. Safety footrests are maintained for routine maintenance. By standing on it people can work without any danger.

The machine which reached Shri Ramjanmabhoomi could not go inside the campus due to its huge size. This is the reason why at present, the main entrance of the campus is going to be broken so that the machine can enter. 

All these works are estimated to be completed before September 17. Till then the process of demolition of dilapidated temples and buildings on the campus is going on. 

Apart from the Shri Ramjanmabhoomi -Sita Rasoi and Bahraich temple, the building of the Sakshi Gopal temple has been demolished. This debris is being used to bridge the pit of the western part of the main Ram temple. 

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